MC Story in Detail

Back the timepiece breaking all the rules. 

All watches look the exact same. Sure, watchmakers will throw their own little spin on them. They’ll paint them bizarre colors. Build them from “unique” materials. Hell, they might even slap a few bells and whistles on them...before too long there will be a watch equipped with a waffle maker (give us a shoutout if you decide to run with that idea).

Yet, despite all the bizarre colors, “unique” materials and fancy schmancy bells and whistles (that have a habit of no longer working after a few uses)... most every watch seems to look the exact same. Or, at the very least, boringly similar.

That’s until Raj, MC’s timepiece mastermind, had a vision.

One night Raj had a dream whilst fast asleep...

Kronos, the Greek god of time, visited him floating atop a cloud with Frank Sinatra singing lightly next to him. As“Strangers in The Night” played lightly in the background, Kronos looked at Raj and said...

“Give the mortal realm something provocative to keep track of the seconds in the minutes, the minutes in the hours, the hours in the day...”

Raj, as you could probably expect, was a bit confused by Kronos’s ambiguous advice and asked that Kronos not speak in riddles.

Kronos was offended at first but then realized he was being a bit pretentious (not unlike so many watchmakers littering the internet).

So, Kronos repeated his advice, this time in English...

“Raj, construct a watch from the finest materials the world has to offer at an extraordinarily reasonable price and make the timepiece square.”

Raj’s eyes grew wide as the full force of the idea struck him like one of Zeus’s thunderbolts. At this moment, Kronos drew a large fiery square in the sky with his pointer finger and disappeared, leaving the burning square behind him.

Two years have passed since this fateful dream and today the mortal realm has the provocative MC, the world’s best square-faced watch, designed from industry-leading materials, at an incredible price you simply cannot beat.